FTP Settings


This tutorials covers the settings required to transfer files to and from the University of Idaho Academic Web server (S:\webpages) using an FTP application.

In order to edit or backup Web pages from an off-campus computer you will first need to transfer the web site to your local computer, make your edits in the editor of your choice, and then transfer the changes back to the web server. Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) applications are small software programs that allow you to transfer files to from your computer to the UI Academic Web server (S:\webpages).

ATTENTION: You must contact the ITS Help Desk to be given FTP access to UI servers.

Step 1) Install an FTP Application

Download WinSCP on a PC
Download Cyberduck on a Mac

Step 2) Connect to the Web Server

The primary settings needed to setup an FTP connection to the Web server are the host, username/password, SFTP protocol, and remote directory. The instructions below cover WinSCP, but Cyberduck will have similar settings.

  • Open WinSCP
  • Press the New button

  • Set Host name to unix.uidaho.edu
  • Enter Username & Password is the same as your myUIdaho account (account help)
  • Set the File protocol to SFTP (not FTP)
    You must contact the ITS Help Desk to be given FTP access to UI servers.

  • Click on Directories
  • Set the Remote directory to /shared/webpages/sitename
    • Replace “sitename” with your website’s name
  • Set the Local directory to the location for the web site on your hard drive
  • Press Login

Step 3) Transfer Web site to Computer

  • To copy files from the server to your computer, drag them from the FTP window’s remote directory (right side window) to the local directory on your computer (left side window).
    • NOTE: If you don’t see your local files on the left, close your connection, and change the WinSCP Preferences to the Commander mode. Preferences are accessed in the same place you clicked on Directories. Now reconnect to your site.

Step 4) Transfer Web site to Server

  • Connect to your site in WinSCP or CyberDuck (see Step 2 above)
  • To copy files from your computer to the server, drag them from the local directory on your computer (left side window) to the remote directory (right side window).

Step 5) Resources

The ITS Help Desk offers additional information on transfering files to and from their servers.